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澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜), powered by its Domain Competency Groups (DCGs), is a trusted Quality Engineering & strategic testing partner for leading global enterprises.

澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜)’s DCG comprises specialists in automation, performance, security, and mobile testing. They have expertise and experience in testing the implementation, upgrades, migration and/or enhancements of different apps/products. Our domain knowledge, along with product & tool expertise, strengthens our testing service offerings and complements your engineering teams, while helping you reduce QA efforts & control cost.

Leveraging our Digital Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) and DCG, we have created ready-to-use Enterprise Test accelerators & solutions across different platforms to reduce testing efforts by over 70% and improve speed to market.

Majority of our testing professionals are domain experts with domain specific certifications along with being Certified Software Testing professionals with CSTE, ISTQB, & ISEB. We keep abreast with the latest trends and train our people to continuously improve on domain & industry-specific expertise for ensuring highest standards of quality.

Our Business Insights

  • #Travel

    Test Automation Solutions for a Leading Cruise Line

    Abstract The client sought help to develop web, mobile, and tablet automation for their back office, onboard staff, and customers. Though they utilized multiple open-source testing tools, they wanted to improve their handling of all testing requirements further to save time and costs, integrate tools, and improve productivity. Discover how 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜)-Katalon Test Automation solution provided a variety of frameworks, including Keyword-Driven, Data-driven, TDD, BDD, and the Page Object model, that helped them combat the challenges, ultimately saving time, costs, and effort.

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  • #Logistics

    Reduce Data Testing Time Using 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜) & QuerySurge Partnership

    Abstract A global sustainability management enterprise’s effort to enhance automation for ETL and Data lake projects was hindered by various data duplication challenges, preventing the realization of the automation goals. Discover how 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜) and QuerySurge's partnership strategy reduced data testing time to 90% ensuring efficient gains.

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  • #ISV

    Save Cloud Costs Utilizing 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜)-Recommended FinOps Platform

    Abstract A digital technology client sought effective management of cloud expenses across various providers, encountering obstacles with native monitoring tools. They required an autonomous cloud cost management platform encompassing a unified dashboard, comprehensive insights, and the ability to identify underutilized resources. Discover how 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜)'s recommended FinOps platform facilitated budget alignment and cost savings, streamlined resource management and introduced custom alerts, ultimately reducing the human effort involved in the process.

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  • #Banking

    Microservices Architecture Enhances Bank’s Response Time

    Abstract To gain more flexibility, security, and opportunities for additional features and functionalities, a leading bank wanted to enhance its customer-facing mobile retail application with higher scalability and maintainability. This called for enhanced middleware API integrations with third-party systems, core banking platforms & ERP systems. Discover how 澳门十大信誉平台-澳门十大信誉平台排名官网-(No.1排行榜)’s app development solutions with event-driven microservices enabled its higher performance offering a wide variety of user experiences and services.

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