Software Testing for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Ensure quality & optimize performance of Healthcare & Life Sciences-based applications using Next-Generation Testing.

Software Testing Challenges of Healthcare & Life Sciences

The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry needs to adhere to various rules & regulations under 21 CFR Part 11, GxP Compliance, & Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP). This necessitates adoption of digital technologies, big data analytics & BI, compliance with a wide regulatory landscape, legacy modernization, transforming process & systems, improving IT efficiencies and ensuring functional efficiency, performance, security, and privacy of applications, data, & devices.

澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 offers software testing solutions for diverse life science and healthcare players such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare services, clinical labs, diagnostic centers, third-party administrators (TPA), payers, medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare ISVs, and research organizations. We provide end-to-end Advisory & Transformation services, Test Automation, and Performance, Functional, & Security Testing solutions with a strong emphasis on regulations, compliance, quality, and more.

Medical Devices Testing CoE

澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜’s dedicated TCoE experts help Verify & Validate Software for Medical Devices used in:

  • Diagnostics and Imaging
  • Surgical
  • Cardiology

Healthcare & Life Sciences Software Testing CoE

澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Healthcare & Life Sciences Software TCoE provides expertise in the following segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Payers
  • Providers

Hospital Clinical System Testing Expertise

澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 Hospital Clinical System Testing expertise can be broadly classified as follows:

  • EHR Experience
  • Cerner Testing Experience
  • Epic Application Experience

澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜’s Healthcare & Life Sciences Software Testing Benefits

Working with 澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜, Healthcare providers achieve the following benefits:

  • Software testing capabilities for Healthcare & Life Sciences-based mobile applications, connected health IoT, & regulatory testing.
  • End-to-end:
    • Test coverage for HL7 & ICD upgradation with 85% automation coverage.
    • Verification & 我的验证类, Class II and Class III Medical Devices in the area of Diagnostics, Imaging, Orthopaedics, Surgical, Cardiology, and Dental.
    • Improvement in reliability of internal systems that increases the operational efficiency to 95%.
  • Risk-based testing using design failure modes, effects & criticality analysis (FMECA).
  • Successful digital transformation & digital assurance services across SMAC stack.
  • Testlets for major laboratory information management system (LIMS) packages that accelerates the STLC.
  • Integration testing strategies for ERP & Lab Informatics packages.
  • Experience across testing leading Provider and Payer products.
  • TCoEs for end-to-end functional & non-functional testing services.
Automated Regression Testing Helps Leading Healthcare IT Solution Provider Reduce Maintenance Costs by 90%

Automated Regression Testing Helps Leading Healthcare IT Solution Provider Reduce Maintenance Costs by 90%

Healthcare providers are centering their attention toward building secure and functional applications. A leading Healthcare IT solution provider wanted an automated regression suite to test its management application.

Read how 澳门24小时在线网站多少-澳门24小时在线网站多少科技有限公司-apple app store排行榜 reduced maintenance costs by 90%, project costs by 30%, and need for manual testing efforts by 20%.

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